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is arguably the most valuable, Stephen curry was elected 2014-15 season. The reason is very simple: 1, warriors are the best team of the season; 2, no one on this planet can play like curry. shooter, then God, is just another shooter. Before the start of the season, this is perhaps the most people in the library view. The physical quality of mediocrity, not defense, glass, these labels are always accompanied by ever in the library. Curry's character, technology, style, but as for looks are impeccable, since he entered the league, fan base has been no small. But even the most ardent fans at the time, is unlikely to imagine today's achievements in library. The father of DELL curry curry said: "no one can expect curry on the basketball court as. His cautious and conscientious, perseverance and dedication, we all know that, but you can not expect that he finally what can go to where. " Only a short while ago, the whole world only a handful of people optimistic about the library. the eighth grade, curry deci jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ded to give up baseball, wholeheartedly basketball, when his goal is "victory at all costs to play University League". But in high school, the library is only 1 meters in height 68, weight is only 113 kg weight. Due to the lack of upper limb strength, he can only start shooting from the waist. "I told him, if you want to go to the University League, you have to put the ball up and put it in front of your forehead. We had a whole summer, it was a tough day." The father of DELL curry curry recalls. changed the shooting posture Library in high school, averaging nearly 20 points. But due to his size, almost all the famous basketball are for curry dismissive, only willing to receive his only his father's alma mater, Virginia Institute of technology, but they can only to curry to red (will be playing in the alternate identity enrolled. Finally, the hometown of Davidson college to curry an olive branch, and perhaps in the core position. This primary school, the scale of only 1600 people. But the library finally jordans on sale online completed his dream of a first step of the University league. at Davidson College played the first game, the whole stadium audience just a few people, almost no people know curry. While curry half sent nine turnovers, the team behind 18 points, but in the second half of the game, the coach insisted he uses and eventually Davidson College win. The second day, in the face of University of Michigan, curry scored 32 points. At that time, the coach of Curitiba, the parents said: "your son can make a lot of money on playing basketball." But when the father DELL curry thought, "well, may be in the overseas League". No one believes, can enter the NBA library. 2008, Curitiba in two, he was 91 to 1 meters long. It is Davidson College from 1969 to first 〉 that in the season's first game in the NCAA Tournament, he with 40 points to help the team to beat the University of Gangzhajia andCleveland victory celebration is like a raging fire in Cleveland, millions of super human Knights held a grand celebration act buy cheap jordans online ivities, and attended the event, LeBron James give the honor to share a pair of very rare white green color Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon PE. It is reported that this is the Nike Basketball 04-05 of the University of Oregon to create special season, only limited production of 60 pairs, is very valuable. 786_1831961_796293.jpg (718.41 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon PE 2016-6-23 11:45 upload 786_1831957_512507.jpg (591.3 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon PE 2016-6-23 11:45 upload 786_1831943_964707.jpg (434.42 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon PE 2016-6-23 11:44 upload 786_1831962_255219.jpg (340.66 KB, download number: 4) download Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon PE 2016-6-23 11:45 upload 1.jpg (586.43 KB, download number: 3) download Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon PE 2016-6-23 11:44 upload 9.jpg (510.82 KB, download number: 1) download Nike Zoom LeBron II Oregon PE 2016-6-23 11:44 upload 2.jp0Between Nike Le jordan 3 katrina 2018 bron 11 success, presumably all very curious about the next generation of LeBron will be like? Nike will give it what kind of shoes? As James fans are expected to recently by a surgeon, fans for his idol he designed the hearts of Nike LeBron 12, in addition to full control AIR MAX air cushion shoes, as well as 4 inflatable balloon, and can be controlled by the heel of the switch, do not know whether the Nike LeBron design team will adopt highlights one of the design? 1-14030Q30J4.jpg (97 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-3-8 13:26 upload 1.jpg (267.39 KB, download number: 1) download 2014-3-8 13:26 upload as we all know, 574 has always been the entry number of New Balance, and the popular price has always been the 574 most attractive place! And science and technology - based New Balance, Sonic Welding technology to connect the shoes and mesh materials, so that the shoes to keep streamlined! Just like the previous cloth version New Balance Sonic x Undefeated, although the price is very high jordans on sale mens , but eventually sold all. As for the embossing to create 574 Sonic, respectively, and a Bordeaux Lake recorded three rare color, add some more old more engaging cortical muntjac, towards the skinny boys, this Sonic should be suitable for you! , [page], subtitle, #e#, [page], subtitle, [page], subtitle, #e#, adidas, Originals, X, Jeremy, Scott, 2011, autumn, winter, new boots, preview, Kitsune, x, Quoddy, joint French, romantic, spring, summer, new #e# comments on last article: adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott 2011 autumn winter new boots preview next article: Kitsune x Quoddy joint French romantic spring summer new style NBA shoes war king at the end of last month the Nike Zoom Kobe V exclusive exposure will bring "chaos" (chaotic) color case shocking debut news. Now, we have from the well-known shoes store Foot Locker and House of Hoops have received exclusive news, this pair of shoes is scheduled for November 26, 2009 officially released, I believe the good news will make love shoes again crazy fan air jordan 11 space jam for sale s. The shoes like lizards grain uppers, and white / red spots in the bottom, acid orange hook and foreign contrast, according to different angle reflects the blue or purple or gloss end shoes, worth savor, appreciate again. More follow-up reports, please lock NBA battle shoes Wang, if there is the latest news, the first time for you wonderful presentation. Source: Battle shoes Wang chaos color matching; Nike Zoom Kobe VJordan; Jordan team six crown warfare shoes comments on : Nike Zoom Kobe V next: Jordan Jordan, team six, crown shoeslast night, has always liked to share the trend of Teng Yuan Hao on personal Instagram, and users who share a few fans are surprised to find a lot of photos. And in a few photos, we surprise found with two pieces of printed words in the individual brand GOODENOUGH and supreme cooperation suspected magazine page figure, after the early cooperation, overwhelmed by the disclosure is adumbrative also a brewing new cooperation projects? In the two pictures, one Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale in red, green, yellow gradient of supreme capital logo and black, gray gradient GOODENOUGH font blend, coincides with the letter "e" two stacked; and another one will two logo letters interspersed with, and in two designs were used 3M reflective processing to show one of the parties, and in that both sides of the "birthplace", Tokyo, New York. although no more information was revealed, but as a fan of Supreme and Teng Yuan Hao, if the joint really shaped, or worth looking forward to.New Balance represents the American culture, which carries a lot of campus dress culture, and this New Balance 574 "Rugby Pack" series will also focus on the design of the campus. The main element of this series of shoes comes from the rugby team uniforms on the University campus. The shoe itself transfers the details of the team's clothing to the shoes by canvas, print, stripe and other elements. It is reported that this series of shoes will include four pairs of sneakers. Editor's noteClassic of Vans Classic Tour Concert on Retro jordans for sale 19 March (Friday) officially kicked off in Taiwan, that night, Vans invited the famous indie scene: atomic Bonnie, mouth band, Brother Bear Baby and Mary prophet four bands performed one after another, through the different styles of music, the atmosphere to a climax. Atomic Bonnie band, consisting of singer Cherry Boom before check and former Zayin guitarist Nu, who sings to the psychedelic rock, brought many first cumulative creations and share Vans different outfit. After the impact of foreign mouth brother band Power pop genre of music, and with the now popular unplugged style show, although the lack of a strong melody many rock, but the four boys show fresh mood more intellectual moving. The third stage is the famous baby bear band, they continue to bring a warm atmosphere of mouth brother, female singer biscuits with their own unique voice, sing the more touching chapter, the scene into superb. Finale debut is the prophet Mary band, they will be brought to the scene of the moment a frantic and gloom cheap air jordans y graceful British rock, the audience of fans and their High to the highest point, the concert will also end in their perfect performance. Class of Vans Classic Tour host Elmo Bonnie ASTRO BUNNY atom mouth brother band MISTER MOUTH MARY SEE THE FUTURE Mary prophet baby bear band BEARBABES in addition to ebullience rock performances, Vans Taiwan is Vans Classic Time art regional settings in the field, through dedicated layout decoration, with intention of fans back to Vans's native land, together with the original spirit of miss Vans. In the invitation to the renowned graffiti artist Colasa Vans to create art works, founded in 1960s to the historic figures now as the theme, to create a "Classic Time" classic moments, the scene is first released during the spring and summer of 2015 the new Slip-On for fans to enjoy. students not: Jinyang students not: Molly WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Boautumn to winter cold exposed legs, only love coats, shoes and other girl h cheap foamposites ow collocation? Get and girl flow model. Although most affordable shoes legs, you might otherwise color collocation, dry in the sun you fall and winter shoes collocation, for the shoe adds a pair of air jordan 6 low GS Black and silver (sponsored prizes from sports, President of Taobao shop). · activity rule: with immediate effect through APP get release SHOES GIRLS theme related photos, and add the girl get topic, you can participate in this event. By the end of November 6th, 14:00, a post the number of points like the number of participants will be a double win Air Jordan 6 Low black silver shoes. · activity time: from now until November 6th 14:00· special note: 1. Participate in the photo to the original, is strictly prohibited Pirates of the map and the watermark; (2) if there are not in keeping with the theme of photos, we have the right to remove it from the topic; (3) in order to encourage more people to participate in, recent events winning users no longer repeat winners, hope to understand! (4) in order to maintain a good community environment, is strictly prohibited within the app wantonly canvassing, but encourage everyone through the microblogging letter of share invite friends praise you.AAAA x Eric Kot x New Balance H574 H574 physical appreciation 2013-12-08 22:46:27 two days ago, we have reported a pair of Hongkong tide Godfather Eric Kot teamed up with its own brand AAAA and New Balance launched the three party cooperation version. Today, the online exposure of the attention of the shoes of the physical photos. This pair of H574 takes Eric Kot's favorite orange as the main tone. In detail, we can see that the shoelace buckle was made by AAAA in the concept of Like Black, so it was all black. It is reported that the shoes will be sold in the major New Balance stores and special distribution shops, interested friends can continue to pay attention to. sale reminder: Air Infrared 23 Retro Jordan 3 2014-05-06 22:42:09The new Air Jordan Retro 3 "Infrared 23" color will be officially on sale, shoes with white leather uppers with black details, AJ3 sign pattern decorative to burst black and gray, the overall look pretty. And some time ago, Shawn Yue is also ahead of foot demonstration of this AJ3, it is more concerned about it. Shoes will be on sale in March 8th, like friends do not miss it.Vans Syndicate 10th anniversary series Andy Kessler Sk8-Hi sale information 2015-10-14 11:20:41 Vans Syndicate series has been born for 10 years, although the world around it has been changing, but it still maintains a unique street skateboard culture. The day before Vans launched its 10th anniversary anniversary edition series, choose the Andy Sk8-Hi based on the Kessler, the use of high-end leather uppers to create, the iconic blue laces are retained. The "NYC" logo followed by the legendary coin of Andy, a legendary hand skater in New York, was reported to be sold in Beijing and Shanghai in October 16th, and friends like to pay attention to it. Air Jordan 4 " LeJordan" personal Custom Edition appreciates 2013-12-08 23:16:42 Lebron's loyal fans know that before today's crown Logo, Nike in the Lebron series has been using a "23", "LJ", three elements of the crown Logo. With the playoffs in full swing, the custom Freaker shoes; Sneaks with hot Air Jordan 4 for the design blueprint, Jordan and Lebron will be flying the combination, to create the Air Jordan 4 " LeJordan" personal customized version. the topic of "Jordan vs. LeBron" has been talked about since Lebron first entered the league, although Lebron has stressed that he does not do another one, and the original 23 team number changed to No. 6, but this topic has not stopped. The Freaker Sneaks, with a white and red color Air Jordan 4 as the design foundation, Lebron Logo is loaded into the heel of the old version of the replacement of the original Jumpman Logo, and on the tongue loaded a Jumpman posture Miami Jersey Lebron silhouette. do not know such a topic of personal customized shoes, how do you see it?